June 16, 2002

For our first Valentine's Day Chris gave me a white stuffed gorilla with a ribbon around it's neck holding a ring for me. Last night (June 16) he took that same gorilla and tied a ribbon with my engagement ring and left it on our bed. I must have walked in the room at least 4 times without seeing it (it was dark!). I finally saw it and grabbed it and ran out to him - he laughed at me for taking so long and then got down on one knee and proposed!!


Chris and I had been dating since our Sophomore year in High School.

As some of you may remember my Mema (Mom's mom) was diagnosed with lung cancer in Sept 01. She did really well, took chemo and radiation but it just wasn't meant to be. On Sunday, June 9, 2001 I received a call from my mom to come home (Pensacola) and I jumped in the car and left. Monday morning my Mema passed away. I did get to see her and she knew I was there.

Mema had said the only thing she wanted before she died was for me and
Chris to be married. Chris and I have been together for 7 years, and he was closer to her than his real grandparents, so this request weighed heavily on both of us.

While there Chris told me that he had been planning on proposing on that same Sunday that I got the call - he had planned this months in advance without telling anyone. But when we got that call he put it off. We had been planning to go home 4th of July weekend to visit and Mema knew of those plans. While we were there Chris asked me if I thought it was ok to set a date before he proposed and I said I didn't see why not. So he told me that he was thinking we should be married on July 5th when we went home - his mom had offered to put it all together for us!! I thought it was a good idea....then at the funeral my great aunt, who had stayed with my mema for a month prior to her death told me that Mema had told her that she wished we would get married when we came home that weekend!!

Once I heard that I knew it was meant to be and that we had to be married then.
It's like she picked the date for us!!
















































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